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Pawsitively Mannered

Sometimes, it's just fun to learn alongside other dog lovers! If your pooch feels safe and comfortable around his fellow canines and you're into laughing over their antics, getting a roomful of problem-solving ideas and treading a bit lighter on the ol' budget, this is a great option.


You'll get:

  • Advice on puppy-proofing your home

  • List of must-have and don’t-need items

  • Top potty-training techniques to try

  • Advice on how to handle chewing

  • Expert recommendations on where and when to socialize

  • Quick-reference handouts


Puppies who learn healthy habits and polite behaviors turn into happy dogs—who have happy guardians! We’ll practice positive training to get the whole family off to a good start. 


Cost: $150 for six 45-minute classes


For: Puppies 6 months old and younger


Start Date: TBD


Location: TBD

Learn simple manners that will make your dog a delight to be around, whether you’re inviting friends over, heading to a neighborhood get-together or hanging out with the kids. Want to frame your pooch’s proud moments on the wall? Schedule time with me to take the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification test free upon completion of this class.


Cost: $150 for six 45-minute classes 
CGC test fee waived upon class completion; additional fee to AKC is required for the CGC certificate


For: Dogs 6 months of age or older


Start Date: June 25, 2017


Location: Ready2Wag facility in Yucaipa


Your dog will learn all 10 techniques and situations evaluated on the AKC's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test, including:

  • The all-important “Come!”

  • How to sit politely

  • How to hold a “Stay”

  • “Leave it" and “Off”—so helpful for avoiding temptations like food and for handling distractions when walking through a crowd

  • Relaxed walking on leash

  • How to lie down

  • How to politely greet people

  • Being calm during grooming/handling


So much to learn, so little time! Mini Classes are a fun, focused way to fit quality training time into your busy schedule. You’ll get your paws a little dirtier learning the specific training techniques you want to practice most without the time commitment of a full-length class series. In each session, you’ll learn what Fido is thinking, get expert tips on how to “talk” in a way he’ll understand, and enjoy just the right amount of practice time. Each Mini Class is one to three sessions, and each session is 45-60 minutes.


DOGGIE ZEN: Help Fido learn the art of impulse control

Date & Time: TBD 


Cost: $XXX for (one, two, three) XX-minute session(s)


For: (Dogs 6 months of age or older; Just humans this time)


Location: TBD


ROCKET RECALL: Get your dog here—now!

Date & Time: TBD 


Cost: $XXX for (one, two, three) XX-minute session(s)


For: (Dogs 6 months of age or older; Just humans this time)


Location: TBD

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