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Pawsitively Mannered

5-pack: $390
Five 1-hour follow-up sessions

Packages must be purchased in advance and expire 6 months after purchase.

Single 1-hour follow-up session: $85


I know you’re busy. So, I do in-home visits that fit into your schedule, and I make a training plan that fits your lifestyle. As we work together, we adjust the training until we find the right solution for you and your dog.


I like to keep training fun and simple. You can practice any time, for as little as a few minutes at a time, with activities you’re doing anyway. Feeding time? Practice sit! Time for a walk? Practice waiting. And while you’re at it, feel free to let go of ideas like mastering the perfect “heel.” As long as your pup’s not pulling on the leash, all is well, if that’s what works for you.


Want to work together? Let’s schedule an initial consultation to talk about your goals, what manners you’d like your dog to learn and how to fit training into your daily routine. By the end of the session, you’ll know some handy techniques to get started, and you can decide if a 3-, 5- or 7-pack of follow-up training sessions is right for you, or if you want to pay as you go.


If your dog’s behavior is making you—or him—feel stressed, let’s talk. When we understand why it’s happening, we can find ways to manage or even fix the behavior.


Cost: $175 for 90-minute in-home consultation


For: Puppies and dogs of any age

Common behavior challenges I can help with:

  • Jumping up to greet people

  • Separation anxiety

  • Chewing on things that aren’t dog toys

  • Barking barking barking!

  • Begging for food

  • Digging up the lawn

  • Unwelcome welcome-home kisses


When you add a new family member, whether it’s your first dog or your third, life’s going to change a bit. This session will help make the transition easy.


Cost: $175 for 90-minute in-home consultation


For: Puppies and dogs of any age

You will learn:

  • How to establish healthy habits and routines for the whole family

  • What your training goals are for this new family member

  • What to keep in mind about feeding, treats and toys

  • How to get into the ideal exercise routine

  • Safety at home and when you’re out and about

  • How and when to socialize the dog

  • Must-have and don't-need items


The Canine Good Citizen certification from the AKC is an official title that recognizes responsible dog ownership and helps you feel confident that your dog is a good model citizen in your community. We’ll cover all techniques and situations your dog will be tested on for the CGC test.


Cost: $175 for 90-minute in-home consultation

$30 for test only

Additional fee to AKC is required for CGC certifcate


For: Dogs 6 months of age or older

Covers all 10 techniques and situations that will be evaluated in the CGC test, including:

  • How to greet strangers

  • Walking through a crowd 

  • Handling/grooming

  • How to be comfortable while separated from owner

  • Coming when called, and more!


Click here to view a full list of the 10 test items


Dog lovers know that life is richer and a heck of a lot more fun with our trusty sidekicks, well, by our sides. These tailored sessions give you and your best friend the skills you need to connect more deeply, whether that means training for a cameo at your wedding, working toward being a therapy team or teaching the kiddos and their dog some new tricks.


To start, schedule an initial consultation with me. We’ll talk about your goals and come up with a plan to reach them. For some of these customized solutions, you’ll be set after our initial consultation. For others, you’ll get the best experience if we work together a few times. In that case, you’ll likely want to check out my 3- or 5-pack follow-up training sessions.


Get started now!

Holiday hustle and bustle can cause an otherwise polite pooch to feel a bit confused or overwhelmed. If you’re expecting guests, this session is a great stress-preventer for you and your furry friend.


Cost: $175 for 90-minute in-home consultation


For: Dogs 6 months of age or older

We can cover:​

  • Typical holiday situations that may confuse or overwhelm

  • Ways to politely greet guests

  • How to avoid begging for all that festive food

  • Where and how to go to bed

  • Leave it—how to resist all those tasty treats!


You'll get:

  • Puppy-proofing tour of your home

  • List of must-have and don’t-need items

  • Top potty-training techniques to try

  • Advice on how to handle puppy mouthing and biting

  • Expert recommendations on where and when to socialize

  • Simple manners to get started on


Get a head start! Learn how to use positive puppy parenting to establish healthy habits now so you can enjoy all those compliments you’ll get on your polite dog later.

Cost: $175 for 90-minute in-home consultation


For: Puppies 6 months old and younger


Get started now!

Want to take your dog everywhere? We’ll step things up a bit with these advanced sessions to teach her how to be polite and focused around distractions, in crowds and even if you’re not around.


Cost: $175 for 90-minute in-home consultation


For: Dogs 6 months of age or older who have graduated from basic manners training

Advanced manners can include:

  • How to focus on you in crowds

  • How to interact safely with dogs

  • How to interact safely with kids

  • To be calm when you step away for a few minutes

  • Coming when called amid distractions

  • Waiting at doorways and stairs


“Look what my dog can do!" Learning tricks and games is a great way for you, your dog and the kids to bond. Treat yourself to some feel-good FUN!


Cost: $175 for 90-minute in-home consultation


For: Dogs 6 months of age or older

Tricks & games can include:

  • Go to your spot!

  • Roll over!

  • Spin!

  • Hide-and-seek

  • Fetch

  • Find the treat

  • Shake

  • Bow, and more!


Therapy dogs brighten the lives of patients in hospitals and nursing homes, help kids learn to read, and serve the community in many other ways. Learn how you and your dog can prep to become a therapy team.


Cost: $175 for 90-minute in-home consultation 


For: Dogs 6 months of age or older

We can cover:

  • Good manners for working in a hospital setting

  • How to let seniors, adults and kids touch and pet

  • Safe ways to get up and down from hospital beds

  • Remaining calm around sudden noises

  • What it’s like to be around wheelchairs, walkers and other hospital equipment

  • Getting comfortable with staying in place for a long time


Get started now!

Trust me, I’ve been there. With some up-front training and a simple plan, we’ll make it easy for your dog (or dogs!) to make memories with you on your special day.


Cost: $175 for 90-minute pre-rehearsal in-home consultation, $130 for follow-up 1-hour rehearsal run-through (I love being with you on rehearsal-dinner night for that 1-hour run-through; after that, I'll run home to my kids. I trust you and yours will manage to have a great time at the rehearsal dinner without the dog trainer).


Additional travel charge applies beyond 30-mile radius of Redlands, Calif.


For: Dogs 6 months old or older 

We can cover:​

  • Walking gracefully down the aisle for dog and handler

  • Designating appropriate doggie bathroom facilities

  • Keeping quiet during the ceremony

  • How your dog can be part of the bridal party

  • Practice hamming it up for the camera


Simple manners are a big confidence booster. You can invite guests over, walk through the farmers market and let gentle kids enjoy a mutually calming petting session worry-free.

Cost: $175 for 90-minute in-home consultation


For: Dogs 6 months of age or older

Basic manners can include:

  • The all-important “Come!”

  • How to sit politely

  • How to hold a “Stay”

  • “Leave it” and “Off” - for temptations like food and greetings

  • Relaxed walking on leash

  • How to lie down

  • How to politely greet people

Packages allow time for in-depth training after our initial consultation. They include:

  • Flexible in-home appointments that fit your schedule

  • Specific techniques to work on following each session

  • Phone/text support between sessions as needed


3-pack: $360
Three 1-hour follow-up sessions

5-pack: $575
Five 1-hour follow-up sessions

7-pack: $770

Seven 1-hour follow-up sessions

Packages must be purchased in advance and expire 6 months after purchase.

Single 1-hour follow-up session: $130


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